Thursday, 5 July 2018

GitHub Announcement!

I'm pretty sure anyone who's read my blogs knows that I make games and posts updates of them when necessary. Obviously, in order to make such things exist, you need to program - and since I couldn't magically summon some mastermind programmer to cast my ambitious ideas into life involving some complex wizardry, I decided to get my hands dirty learn how to write code.

Since then I've been hiding my wizardry from the public, mainly because I though people may disapprove of my code and call me a terrible programmer. Until today - and I don't think there would be a time any better than today. If I were to say to someone "I write code" and they ask me "Give examples", I don't really think that telling them "Well erm... hold on let me just go into the source code of my games and..." would think that I'm much of a competent person; I could just say "Sure, just go on to my GitHub" and give them the link to my GitHub and they can look at whatever they please of mine. Plus if you look beyond just me, many software developers use it to communicate with co-workers (in terms of changes and additions to code, etc) as well as companies often looking at people's GitHub as a place for their portfolios. Hence GitHub would be a needed skill if I were to ever get a job in this market.

I tactfully signed up to GitHub around mid-November 2017 (around the time I was finishing up Catwalk) but I had no idea how to upload my source code and I thought I had to install all of this complicated software in order to
Flash forward several months later - early this month, I decided to return to GitHub and download the infamous "Git" command line. Anyone who has ever played with or used CMD knows what I'm talking about - that program with nothing but a black screen and some text. Don't get me wrong, the over-technical and nerdy side of my heart enjoys such things but the thing I don't like about such programs is trying to locate files.
I constantly think "Should I start from the '\C:\users' part or from my own path?", it's a mess and I still can't figure such things out. Hopefully I will in time.

Anyhow, it turns out I didn't need to do that; with the help of a few online resources I managed to (sort of) get the hang of it, and upload the source code of one of my games (after several failed attempts).

As of writing this blog post I've already uploaded the source code of Bounty Hunter I, Ba-Temp and Red Blue Adventures: Crash & Brawl.
You are now free to look at the very thing that powers these games, expect more to come soon!

Here my GitHub is:

Critiques are indeed welcome, in fact that's part of why I wanted to put them there in the first place. Well that's one thing to tick off my bucket list!

That's all from me!

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Project To-Ki-YO!

Project "To-Ki-YO!" is oneof my non-game related side projects

The intention of this project is to learn and master the Japanese language, and be my first sort of language-learning experience. Well, not my first - my first was french back in my earlier high school years. And I wasn't that great at it, my french was terrible. I rebuked a while ago about how it wasted my time, and I still largely agree (even though I still know a few phrases).

Perhaps the biggest thing I got out of French was that it did not help me get a consistent knowledge of it; it was more of just write down new vocab, memorize them and regurgitate them for a nondescript test. Rinse and repeat.

Now, I don't need to study french - I have less on my plate (I only have History, graphics and photography), which allows me to learn Japanese. Why japanese? Why pick the most weeaboo language of all existence? You are just going to learn it to not need subtitles when watching anime aren't you?

Well maybe that might be a starting motive, but not the whole picture.
It's actually because I find the characters interesting; they look like odd symbols or something.

I first decided to learn Hirigana and Katakana - which I found out, was barely scraping the surface of Japanese. Filthy Frank (2011 - 2017) wasn't wrong when he made fun of Japan-obsessives learning Hirigana and claiming that they know plenty of Japanese.
Let me tell you why he did; they missed the completely brutal part of learning the language that would make them quit. It's not Katakana, it's Kanji. If you look at the majority of Japanese sentences, you will see at least one Kanji word embedded into it, it's so common that you've got to learn it, you don't have any other choice.
Worse yet, there's over 2000 of them!
Yes, I didn't make a typo there! Two-Thousand.

But, thanks to a few resources on the internet (namely MattVsJapan) it turns out there is a book called "Remembering the Kanji" which many Japaneses learners have used to learn Japanese in the most efficient way. The concept of this book is to create little stories to associated with the small Kanji strokes (known in the book as "Primitives"), which makes the bigger Kanji much easier to learn as you can just break it down into the aforementioned strokes. The Kanji with the least components are taught first so that you can associate them with objects (like "rice field" or "mouth"). This is also called "holistic" learning where you create links in your mind between two supposedly similar things (like, say mathematical concepts with programming concepts).

Lately (for about 2 or 3 weeks), I've been reading pages of this book (printed from a PDF format) every time I walk back home from school. I don't try to fully understand the Kanji but I try to cover as much as I can possibly do in the shortest space of time so I can spend more time trying to actually decipher these things. It's like speeding though a video lecture at 1.5x speed, you're just trying to get a basic idea of a concept rather than fully understanding it right away. Sometimes I have a freind assist me in coming up with stories - all in all, this gives me something to do on a tedious and drenching 1 hour and 30 minute walk back home.

I'm pretty sure people would be asking by now, "Do you want to go to Japan?"

Well, yes. I find the place quite nice-looking as if it were another London. However you can't guarantee these things happening, maybe my interests will change and it may have been some dumb pipe dream of mine meant to fill in some missing part of my heart at this point in time. Or Japanese politics may have gone down which would demotivate me from going there. I'm not too sure about this quite frankly.

But one thing I am sure about is that I'd love to keep learning Japanese, because if I just drop it, I won't see any benefits of learning it. You never know, it could definitely aid the learning of other things, or help with learning other languages efficiently or be a way to brag about knowing more than just English.

Perhaps I'll make a part two to this - once I have something to mention or say (like reaching a milestone). Maybe I'll do so when I have mastered most of the Kanji, I'm around 1,200 words into the coverage of Kanji so there could be some progress going on here.

That's all from me!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Micatato and Acavadden

Author's note (09-12/06/2018):
This is yet another of my old stories that I've kept for a while; I started this story around November 2014 and like "Honour among the Replicate" it was canceled just as quickly as it was started. My inspiration behind the story was after playing the "Banjo Kazooie" games, namely the original and it's sequel (Banjo Tooie). I also wanted it to be a 3d platfomer game that I would make at some point in the future, but nothing came into fruition. I recall tonnes of times where I doodled the characters of this book and day-dreamed of what the game would be like.
Are you seeing a pattern here?

If you have ever played the games, than you will probably notice I was clearly ripping off Banjo Kazooie here, Rhyming witch, easy-going main character. But there's no bear and bird so I guess that's a plus.

I have also done designs for the characters, one of them [Accavadden] was based on a friend's character called 'Aarazen'. At some point (well after I gave up on the book) I changed Micatato to a frog. I intended this book to be released in November 2015, but that never happened - instead at that time I was finishing the 2nd Chapter of Evermoral (around the part where Loki, Sinro and Okami meet Kaj), despite not being as great as I remember (in retrospect), a much better book. Without further ado, cringe away!

Once upon a time, there was a small island known by the name of Isle O’ Potatoes, inhabited by two close friends. One was a potato-like creature called Micatato and the other was an elf named Acavadden. Things seemed to be going on finely on the island but the small situation (that no-one was aware of) was the fact that a big-nosed hag known as Brentile had recently set foot on the island. She built her own castle made out of grey bricks with the help of her two companions, Perrydil, a hawk and Naro, a chubby mouse. They took months to build it and the castle was very high. Brentile lived on the highest floor which had her golden throne that she stole from another castle and the walls had many portraits of her.

“Hah hah! I finally built my own base! Now ruling the island will be my case!”  Laughed Brentile hastily.
“But… how will we do it, your ugliness?” asked Naro as he didn’t know what he was doing.
“Maybe if you LISTENED TO MY PLAN YOU WOULD KNOW, YOU OLD KLUMP!” yelled Brentile.
“Sorry, I was just, er… thinking of owning my own arcade and bookshop and theme park, your ugliness,” replied Naro absent minded.
“Get your own act together Cheddar-boy!” yelled Perrydil, “Your smelly butt is too poor for that stuff!”
“Scruffnubs… poor Naro won’t get future job!” cried Naro.
“Well at least I gets more money for theme park,” said Naro somewhat potentially.
“Pah, like that will ever happen!” laughed Perrydil as she got out the bucket and a bitten sponge. “Did you eat that sponge Naro?”
“Err… ye- I mean no!” replied Naro guiltily as Perrydil was staring at him suspiciously, “What, I thought it was cheese!”

Meanwhile, outside Micatato’s house, he and his best friend Acavadden were slacking like usual in the sun. He and Acavadden had been with each other ever since they were babies, and both of them were raised by Acavadden’s parents. They were home-schooled and usually worked and played together. Micatato was a brown potato-like creature with skinny arms and legs and a moustache. Acavadden was an extremely pale elf who had grey skin from her waist to her legs (sometimes confused for trousers) and bluish-black hair.
“I wonder if we could go on an adventure someday,” wondered Micatato as he was laying on the chair in the sunlight.
“Well, if something big happens, it could be a great opportunity” replied Acavadden.
“So, what do ya wanna do today?” asked Micatato.
“Maybe banana picking and cooking banana pie?” replied Acavadden.
“That sounds good! But only after I spend two hours just relaxing here…” replied Micatato as he shut his eyes.
“I wouldn’t think now is a great time for slacking off!” told Acavadden as she saw a small hag-like figure in the sky.
“Why? Anything bad happening?” asked Micatato as he got up to see.
“WAH HA HA HA!” sniggered Brentile as she was flying on her wooden broomstick, “YOU’RE THE FIRST ONES TO BITE THE DUST! AND NOTHING WILL STOP ME FROM BEING UNJUST!”
“That was the one I was warning you about!” warned Acavadden as the Hag shot a magic ball at them, “Quick, dodge her attack”
Micatato and Acavadden quickly lept and Micatato spit very hard potatoes out of his mouth at the Hag.
“OW! Yeaowch! You can defend yourself, eh? Well I’ll show you how to deal with me in my LAIR!” exclaimed the Hag as she flew away, “THIS ISLAND WILL BE MINE!”
“We’d better get her!” reminded Acavadden as she ran with Micatato to the mountain. On their way, strolling the field full of flowers, they came across a huge jungle with expansive trees. In front of them they saw an odd-looking hut.
“Maybe we could find some answers in there?” said Micatato. Suddenly, a short and brown sloth-like creature strolled out of the hut and saw the two with a very welcoming smile.
“Hello Sloth man! I am Micatato and this is my good buddy Acavadden!” greeted Micatato.
“Hello fellow strangers, me Karoka. Me make masks for living and me know lots of magic. Me best magician in all of Potato Land. What brings you here?” asked the Sloth very friendly.
“Well, I was peacefully chilling with my buddy here,” explained Micatato.
“Me like chilling, I do it all time,” replied Karoka, out of context.
“Anyway, then we got attacked by some lady with a big nose and green skin and orange hair!” explained Acavadden.
“I know bad witch, me work with her before. She good before but now she bad. Me can help potato boy and elf girl”
“That’s great! We need all the help we can get to save our island!” replied Micatato.
“You welcome to Karoka’s hut” added Karoka as he waddled inside like a penguin; Micatato and Acavadden followed him. In the wooden hut there were masks pinned all over the walls all made by Karoka and there was also a small crate that had several crafting knives.
“You really have a thing for making masks huh?” assumed Acavadden.
“Me love making masks! Me made masks since child!” replied Karoka as he was sitting on his crate.
“You seriously made masks since you were a child? I really hope you did not cut yourself!”
“Mother taught Karoka how to use knife, and me wasn’t good at making masks but with time, me best mask maker in Hamza’s book!” explained Karoka laughing.
“So you’re a good magician and a mask maker? Wow! I never knew sloths could do magic and make masks!” said Acavadden wondrously.
“Me was man fairy but big-bad-green-feather-bag cursed Karoka and me turned into sloth” explained Karoka as he was crafting a mask that looked like a dark brown face with a pointy nose, “Also, me is working on special magic mask, would you like to try Potato boy?”
“Well, that depends on the effect on the mask” replied Micatato being concerned with what would happen.
“Wedge boy must not worry, it transforms you into wood creature when worn. You revert when mask is off!” comforted Karoka as he gave the mask to Micatato.
“Well, here goes nothing!” worried Micatato as he put the mask on. Micatato’s skin texture changed from skin-like to wooden and his body form changed smaller.
“This mask holds the power of a creature called ‘Wrubie’, read about them in one of Karoka’s books” explained Karoka cleverly.
Micatato tried to speak but he played out saxophone-like sounds as if he were an instrument.
“English please! I don’t understand Saxophone language” yelled Acavadden
“Only other Wrubies understand Potato-boy’s notes,” replied Karoka, “Also Potato-boy to remove the mask, pull face off”
Micatato pulled his mask off and he reverted back to his normal form.
“Woah! That felt… weird and different, I… I gotta get used to this thing!” replied Micatato as he gave it back to Karoka.
“No thanks! Karoka give mask to potato-boy for gift,” neglected Karoka, “Wrubie mask useful for journey.”
“Well thanks anyway! Pleasure meeting ya!” replied Micatato.
“Karoka want to travel with Potato boy and Elf girl,” offered Karoka.
“What about your house? You can’t just leave it there!” asked Acavadden worryingly.
“Hut is portable. Me carry hut all time,” replied Karoka as he put his hands out to execute a magic power that minimized the hut to cushion size. Karoka then put the house in his green backpack.
“Let’s get going now!” encouraged Micatato.
Meanwhile, back in the castle…
“Geez I’m bored, nuthin’ t’do!” whined Perrydil.
“Maybe, GET RID OF THAT NASTY POTATO-HEAD AND ELF! SO I CAN BE PROUD OF MYSELF!” screamed Brentile like a spoiled baby that wants more.
“Your ugliness, where are they?” asked Naro.
“Last I saw them they were lazily slacking off!” replied Brentile arrogantly, “In some kind of peaceful field with plenty of trees probably over there”
Brentile pointed out of her window at the small field near the jungle.
“There! NOW GET GOING YOU TWO PILES OF DINGLE-BINGLE DONG!!” ordered Brentile madly.
“Whatever you say, your ugliness,” both replied dully as they slumped off.
“Ha ha ha! I shall possess all the creatures in this island to fulfil my lust and those two shall bite the dust!” laughed the Hag as loud as a speaker as she got her broomstick out and flew away.
Back in the jungle, the three came across many wrubies as they were walking. The three heard songs that sounded very ambient as if they were birds.
“Quick, Potato boy put mask on!” whispered Karoka as he pushed Micatato behind a tree. Micatato then put his mask on and transformed.
The three were spotted and many wrubies ran to Acavadden and Karoka.
“Uh oh! They seem more hostile than they used to be. Possibly that witch we saw earlier used a spell!” yelled Acavadden as she tried to hide. Many wrubies were honking like a smoke alarm constantly going off. Micatato seemed to understand that they were not welcoming his two friends. Acavadden got her hands and legs embargoed by the wrubies’ vine arms.
“By the Hag’s orders we were told to get rid of an elf like creature and an ugly moustached potato man!” played one of them.
“We captured one of them!” played another one as he was carrying Acavadden, “We will roast her!”
“C’mon there’s nothing wrong with my mo- I mean he went the other way!” played Micatato.
“Alright! Let’s find him and poison his body!” played one of the wrubies very demandingly as he ran with the others. A big elderly wrubie, who had many vines on his body and several twigs on his head, walked out of a big treehouse.
“What’s the racket?!” screamed the wrubie elder as he saw Micatato, “You! Yes you! Say your name!”
“Micatato,” played Micatato.
“How come old man speak English?” asked Karoka.
“I studied it 40 years ago,” replied the elder, “Is that potato-like creature your friend?”
“How you know wrubie is potato-boy?” asked Karoka, “And yes he friend”
“My magic can tell he is wearing a mask and pretending to be one of us,” replied the elder.
“Yeah, I am wearing a disguise mask,” replied Micatato as he took of his mask, “My friend Karoka here made this fabulous mask, and he’s a magic mask maker.”
“I see… Are you going to do anything bad to us?”
“Of course not! Why would we try to hurt anyone innocent? But why exactly are these other people of yours evil and taking my friend away?”
“Well there was this ugly looking lady on a broomstick and she summoned a guardian that has her possessing power that controls my people, but the reason I’m not possessed is that I have magic that makes me immune to spells.”
“Old wrubie has too much witchcraft” replied Karoka.
“I knew it! That hag possessed them!” yelled Micatato, “Where is that guardian by the way? Why can’t you defeat him?”
“In a cave somewhere possibly the direction that the wrubies took and I can’t defeat him because I can barely walk without losing my stick” replied the elder.
“Cos you’re old and you’ve aged so much?” asked Micatato obviously.
“Yep about 150 years!” replied the elder, “Before you go Micatato, you should put your mask on. The wrubies will never listen to you if you aren’t one and pretend the hag ordered you to tell them to release Acavadden. Creatures who are possessed will listen to anything their possessor orders, even if someone lies about the order.”
“Couldn’t you lie to them that the hag ‘ordered’ you to tell them that she was possessing them and making them bad?” asked Micatato.
“They would never attack their possessor because they are following them,” replied the Elder, “I would really like to be here and talk to you but there is no time to loose! Your friend will perish and they will cause more trouble”
“Let’s go and save our friend, Karoka!” exclaimed Micatato optimistically to Karoka as they ran off into the jungle like two dogs looking for their lost owner. As they were hurrying through the bushes and trees of the jungle they saw a load of wrubies holding Acavadden.
“What shall we plan?” whispered Karoka silently to Micatato.
“I will put my mask on and, like that old wrubie said, I should then lie to them about the orders and ask them where the guardian is then tell them to clear off. While that happens you hide behind this bush until I tell you to get out”
“Me will hide then,” replied Karoka as he quickly scuttled behind the bush like an arrow being shot from a crossbow.
 “Get off me you vine-instruments!” yelled Acavadden as she was trying to struggle herself out of the marching wrubies’ vine arms.  The wrubies were marching towards a very hollow and mossy cave which was very dark on the inside.
“The hag ordered you to let go of her and get outta here!” played Micatato, ”and also the mostache guy is in the distance somewhere” The wrubies instantly let go of Acavadden.
“Ok men! Let’s find that other guy! March! On your toes now! March!” honked one of them loudly with pride as they marched away like soldiers in a war.
“Karoka, it’s safe to come out!” yelled Micatato as he took his mask off. Karoka stepped out of the bushes.
“Thanks Micatato! Their grasp was too hard for me to get out of!” thanked Acavadden, “What’s going on?”
“A guardian, summoned by that ugly hag we saw earlier, is making the wrubies do bad things and obey anything that hag says”
“But how come you told them what to do?”
“The elder knows about the spell and he said that the people who are possessed easily fall for tricks” replied Micatato.
“Well I hope they don’t go aggressive on us again. Let’s go and fight that guardian” replied Acavadden. The three went into the cave and it was extremely dark.
“Me use fire magic to light cave” said Karoka as he casted a fire ball on his hand and “held” it like a wizard holding a crystal ball which somewhat illuminated the area.
“That’s better” thanked Acavadden.
“Oh! We see a door! That might be where the guardian is” yelled Micatato curiously as he started to run to it.
“Not so fast!” yelled Acavadden as she grabbed Micatato by his moustache, “You can’t fight it on your own! It might trap you in and keep us out.”
“How do you know?” asked Micatato.
“I have heard of it in books” replied Acavadden, “Let’s all go in!”
So all three strolled through the door to see an extremely huge stone chamber which had wrubie-like printings on it. It was as expansive as castle hall and had an enormous golden statue which looked like ancient armour used in medieval times and it also held a spear.
“So this is the sacred wrubie chamber huh? Well according to the scrolls I have read about this, the chamber had a lot of precious things like gold, wands and things. But this chamber has nothing” explained Acavadden, “, maybe that witch may have stolen all of it! Plus, there was never a mention of any statue here even though there is one right in front of us”
“Wait where the guardian is? I can’t find it anywhe-” stopped Micatato mid-sentence as the door behind them closed down like closing a tap. The statue’s helmet glowed green and came to life as if a robot had been turned on after it had been turned off for so long.
“Me knew statue bad!” yelled Karoka as he sprang into action. Micatato spat out many potatoes out of his mouth at the statue but they just bounced off like a load of frogs bouncing. The guardian slammed his spear on the ground causing a shockwave and Micatato and Acavadden lept like a bunch of kangaroos. Karoka got slammed to the ground by the shockwave. Micatato and Acavadden jumped up to the guardian’s shoulder. Micatato grabbed Acavadden by the hand and threw her up and she put her hands above her head; spun around really fast and soared down like a bird and drilled the helmet like a jackhammer until it broke which revealed a green crystal ball. Karoka got up and shot ice magic at the guardian and it’s whole body became frozen. Micatato and Acavadden punched and kicked the Crystal ball until it blew up into green smoke and glass. Micatato and Acavadden jumped off like a ninja to the ground.
“Yeah! We defeated the evil guardian!” yelled Micatato in victory.
“Let’s go back to the village!” exclaimed Acavadden. The trio ran out of the cave like a mouse escaping out of its trap. They then went to the village and the wrubies didn’t attack them but they were playing songs that sounded like they were at a party. They walked up to the elder.
“Thank you for restoring my villagers! I wish you good luck on your quest and you will defeat that hag” praised the Elder optimistically.
“No problem! Let’s go to the castle and defeat the Hag, boys!” instructed Acavadden as she, Micatato and Karoka ran off like cheetahs. They went out of the palm tree infested jungle to see a view of the tall tower which was as tall as the empire state building being surrounded by many elevated mountain and bordered by a body of water. The three swam to the mountains and scaled the mountains like monkeys climbing vines. The three sprinted to the tower and tried to go in but they felt an invisible wall around the tower. Two figures appeared out of the sky and one of them fell down head-first and the other smoothly glided down like an air- balloon. They were revealed to be Naro and Perrydil
“Ow! You should have carried me rather than drop me!” yelled Naro as he was struggling to get his head out of the dirt.
“It’s cos you were too fat you greasy pile of meat!” ridiculed Perrydil as she grabbed Naro’s leg with her beak and yanked it like a dog trying to pull something out of the ground.
“Who are you guys? ” demanded Acavadden, “And what do you want with us?”
“I am Perrydil and that fat old clobber is called Karo” explained Perrydil, “And we’ve come to eliminate you”
“Don’t you mean mouse? Cos that guy you call ‘Old clobber’ is a mouse” asked Micatato.
Perrydil commanded, “Tch. Whatever, Naro get your butt up and get into action”
Perrydil grabbed Naro and flapped in the air and dropped him like a bomb to Micatato. Micatato dodged Naro once he fell into the ground and couldn’t get up.
“Time to butt you Perrydil!” joked Micatato as he did a mighty kick to Naro’s bottom which sent him flying to Perrydil, who was too busy mocking about how Naro was lazy.
“Oww! You smelly bag of rotten beans!” shrieked Perrydil in pain as she struggled to get out of Naro’s body.
“Sorry! Shouldn’t of eaten that extra cake!” apologised Naro.
“That cake wasn’t even yours it was our masters! She will whop your butt real bad” whined Perrydil.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Bounty Hunter II Update: Single focus + Refractoring

Hello there!
It's been over a year since this game has been in development (around 5th May 2017), boy does time pass quick!
Here's an update on how things have been going on my end with Bounty Hunter II.

Refactoring NPC/Enemy code:

Upon adding an ally, I went into a problem
How this started was that I was trying to add in a character that accompanies you for a little bit. Obviously I'd need to add in AI; naturally, I went to the enemy codebase to copy the code. However I realized that this was pretty rediculous. Why do I need to painstakingly copy and paste code just to make an Ally character?

It was then I decided instead of an enemy codebase, why don't I do a NPC codebase?
This allows for me to create NPCs which can be BOTH enemies or allies. After a bit of thinking, I came up with the idea of  a faction system - a system which dictates what characters attack whom. Without having to rewrite another type of NPC, I can just assign the ally character to the same faction as the player and they'll be freinds. Easy! I can even make the NPC an enemy if I wanted to.

There is also another benefit to this system - I can also make the enemies have their own goals beyond just trying to defeat the player. To those of you who have played games like Half life (or Half life 2) you may notice that zombies and marines/combine soliders are both enemies to the player. However the zombies also attack the soliders and vice versa. This gives the game's world that extra depth to make the enemies not all monotonous. It's like you are living in a world rather than a video game.

Minecraft also does this to a certain extent, but not as well as Half life (since skeleton enemies don't attack passive viligers but zombies do).
Although I don't plan to do too much with this system, it does give me some insight if I want to make a more complicated/mainatianable NPC codebase.


It's one thing to make enemies, it's another to make maps. Before earlier this month I designed levels like this:
Design map -> Add collisions -> Code nessacary enemies (if needed) -> add enemies into the game -> Add events -> Finish map -> move on.

After then, I realized that this method would take much longer and the perfectionist way simply isn't the best for the development time of this project. I'd probably struggle on designing one level and be stuck on it. Therefore, in the crunch of a week, I decided to finish all the maps the game will need (11th of May to be more specific) but have them void of any cutscenes or enemies. After this I then focused on adding in the remaining enemies (which incidentally took more or less time to implement). I also added in most of the bosses the game will need other than the final boss (the first form is complete).

After I add the remaining boss into the game I will then focus on actually adding them in to the levels and create the events the levels need like story-based and boundary-enabling. I like this way a lot more than the former because it can give me much more time to playtest the levels and seek feedback from others months before I expect it to release.
It can also give me time to work on other projects (which I'll get to in the conclusion) since I don't have to focus on implementing but rather polishing what's already there.

"Trap" objects

I wanted to find a way to make the game more varied than just run n' gun. Because to those of you who have played the public alpha (which incidentally, the version I decided to take down because I wanted to hide it and replace it with another alternative DL), the gameplay consisted of going across the level fighting enemies to make boundaries disappear in order to advance. Thanks to these objects which I call "Traps" you can do slightly more than that.

By traps I mean objects that the player collides with that damages them in some way. For instance one type of trap is a trap that is much like a ditch (well, it's essentially that actually), which damages the player and teleport them to the position before they fell into the trap. The way to avoid this is to dash across the trap, much like the player is "leaping" to another platform. There are some which do the same, except they don't teleport the player.

I try to use these to give the player a break from combat and get them into good ol' platforming, because hey, why not?
Plus it gives the dash an extra use apart from a useful way to dodge endless waves of leap attacks and bullets.


This is all I'd like to say for now about this game, anything else would be a spoiler. Despite the game's development going pretty well (knocks on wood), I still do get a little bit nervous about whether it may be completed or not despite this game being over a year in development.

I've had experience with more ambitious projects like these, where I'd have some big idea for the game for example a game version of my old book series "Ratchet and Sinro", and dream up how the game will look like.
However, in month (or two if I were lucky) or less I'd procrastinate and completely forget about the project, leaving it in an indefinite hiatus.

With retrospect, it's a miracle that I've been working on this game for this long and I've never had that procrastinate-ish feeling; sure I've had doubts about it's success but I think that's a good thing.
It shows that I've still got lots to learn before I can become something rare and valuable to the world.
The difference between this project, I realized, was my more realistic expectations - I didn't have some pre-existing and specific thought about making this game.

I just thought it would be cool to make a sequel and did admittedly come up with a few ideas (like dashing, because dashing is cool), but they were mainly developed further through experimentation, slowly moulding into a different form of what I originally envisioned. As a result, some ideas that quickly came into my mind were dropped as soon as they came, as I worked on the game.
It turns out I enjoy the reality of the features I added in, more than the ones I came up with in my head.

Anyway, enough deep talk. Changing the topic slightly,
I've got some other neat stuff outside of Bounty Hunter II to show in the future, I'm not going to say what they are but I'll give you a hint:

  • One of them is a riskier project than Bounty Hunter II.
  • The other uses a new custom language I've made called "Pixel Brownie Text Markup Language"

Both are major projects like Bounty Hunter II.

For now I don't have any minor/side game projects in development.
Although I would love to make some right now, I'm in a very awkward situation, trying to balance school and Game development (it's not easy!).

With all that said,
That's all from me!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Worldbuilding/Literature experiment: The deep cave

There were accountings of a strange cave located in the dephs of the atlantic ocean. It was an area was located where the pressure was at its near-apex. This cave was dotted with crystals all over, the azure rocks were incredibly smooth, polished with bits of strange goo matted. The rocks had small patterns of green lines, supposedly from the chloroplasts of dead plants.  

The rocks were concave-shaped, often branching towards other rocks .They were alsohard to break – hence why the cave has looked largely the same for centuries. The most damage that any man could ever do to those rocks was a few scratches, if even that.

Algae and plants engulf the lower parts of the cave, the rocks are also weaker at this point due to this. The algae on the other hand are as sturdy as the rocks higher up in the cave. They are near impossible to cut off due to this, the small portion of animals though years of evolution have grown to eat this.

The wildlife that resides here are strange eel-looking creatues with tounges that have holes in them, this is for sucking up the algae with such intense force, that it is plucked out of the rocks. Their average lifespan ranges from over thirty years, they reportedly only reproduce once in their lifetime and given that they often leave the cave a decade into birth, into the seas – they can be found anywhere … yet they are rarely seen.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Honour among the Replicate

Author's note (10/03/2018 - 26/03/2018 - 10/04/2018):

This is the story I planned/wrote back c. April or May 2015. If you aren't aware, I have drawn some concept art for this book - mainly the main character Chrisus. I have also drawn concepts of Narku, for example the pixel character you see below.
I have drawn a paper drawing of him, but I honestly can't be bothered to scan the thing in.
A bit of backstory into this story's making: 
In early April 2015, after completing the great SNES game 'Terrainigma' I was completely awe-struck of how amazing the story was and I was full of inspiration to create something like it. At the time I didn't have very much game development resources, so I decided to create a new "IP" that existed along with "Ratchet and Sinro" in the form of a book

The book was meant to be released around October 2017 , but I lacked the motivation and ideas to finish it. I thought of what I would have liked the end result to be, but lacked the direction to make it a reality and gave up a month on. I then went back to this idea becoming a game, full circle indeed.

With hindsight, what I was making wasn't a story; it was a fantasy, like that scene in a movie or a game where you think "HOLY CRAP! THAT WAS SO AWESOME!". I may expound as much ideas as I can find in a later blog. The result of this was a generic Disney-princess "I want to go out and see the world" kind of story with the Ratchetwombax* tradition of action scenes that are tedious, boring, repetitive and make 0% contribution/advancement to the story and are pretty much filler.
It also has the most abrupt ending ever (because that's all I wrote before giving up).

Regarding my reasons why I didn't make this an actual game,
I was pretty reluctant to using game engines since I was one of those people who think that everything programmed on languages such as C++ were far better than games made on Unity, GameMaker or the such like. Now, as someone who uses both Unity and C++, I know that's far from the truth, there are bad games made with both custom engines and 3rd party engines like the ones I've just mentioned. 

Later in June/July 2015 I envisioned this game's gameplay be like another game I played then which was"Chaos Seed", which was about resurrecting the world - similar to Terringma except the gameplay felt more intuitive to the whole theme of resurrecting the world. I envisioned the gameplay to be like that game.

Another thing to add was that instead of actually making the game, I wanted to wait for the 'right' time to make it and SOMEHOW get a programmer to write the code for the game.
I know it's stupid. That's not how successful games, let alone products are ever made. In retrospect, I'm glad I never made the game because I would have spent 5+ years trying to implement the first area as well as learn to write code, create an engine from scrach and let alone make a good game! These harsh lessons were taught to me when I worked on the infamous "Amalginment", which was cancelled.

But who knows? I might consider giving this project a revival, similarly to how I did with my unfinished 2013 game "Redler Adventures" which turned into "RedBlue Adventures: Crash n' Brawl" released on 20/03/2018. 

The funny thing is, I see tons of these kinds of ambitious, time consuming crowd-funded/early access titles everywhere and I found them cool back a few years back - but now, I'm honestly sick of them. I feel like most of them are trying to be the same thing and using a "throwback to the 80s/90s" as a marketing technique rather than a genuine factor.

I'm not sure if I should settle on projects like these (once I have stronger programming/design capital) or completely put the idea down.
Only time will tell...

85 billion years ago there were two gods called Animaia and Demaia, who came to be known as Light Gaia and Dark Gaia. They created two universes, one being the light universe and the other being the dark universe. Light Gaia and Dark Gaia had very powerful wills. Light Gaia possessed life and wisdom while Dark Gaia possessed death and sorrow. 25 billion years later, Light Gaia created the planets and named one Earth, on which life was formed. Dark Gaia, jealous of this new life, created dark replicas of the planets and their life. A few billion years after that, a mysterious creature created by Dark Gaia landed on Earth, in the light universe, and dug its way into the core, where it remained thereafter. It released a gas known as “Replia”, the vapour formed from the decomposing bodies of replicas, which was very deadly and killed 99.9% of life on Earth. The core continues to release Replia every 300 years. The 0.1% of Earth not destroyed was Jerumila, a holy village protected by Light Gaia; it was the only place the Light Gaia was able to defend with its power. The rest of Earth was lifeless.

Chapter 1: The Fated Day
On a lovely late evening, Chrisus was out and stargazing at the shimmering stars like an owl. Chrisus was a young, long purple-haired 15-year old girl who lived in the village of Jerumila. She was raised by a caring Elder named Ekar who was very knowledgeable in magic; he even taught her some of his magic skills. Usually at this time, Ekar would be asleep like a sloth, not aware of Chrisus’ absence, and she would always return home when the morning rises.

Gazing at the stars, Chrisus whispered, “This is remarkable… but I wish I could be brave enough to go outside of this village. Maybe only going a little way out of town won’t hurt.”
Chrisus then scurried off, without anyone noticing, to the entrance of the village.
“But the Elder said to never exit through the entrance to the village, as it is dangerous,” worried Chrisus as she stepped outside. The outside place looked like a wasteland full of dreary grass and dark brown swollen trees with no leaves.
“This place sure looks ugly! No wonder the Elder told me not to go out here - but who knows, I might find something interesting!” hoped Chrisus as she ran into the dead forest. On her way she saw a tree that looked like it had more life than the rest.
“This tree looks more alive than the rest, eh? It is the only thing in this forest that stands out!”
 The Elder, who was peacefully snoozing until that moment, woke up and quickly staggered outside.
“Chrisus! Stop! Where are you?” yelled the Elder many times like an owner extremely worried about his dog. He scurried into the forest like an old monkey.
“No… this is not POSSIBLE! Chrisus!” yelled the Elder.
“I knew this wasn’t a good idea…” muttered Chrisus as the Elder found her and grabbed her like a kidnapper.

“This is no playground! You know how dangerous the outside of this village is, you may get lost and starve!” yelled Ekar harshly, “And don’t you ever go near that tree again!”
“But it looked so beautiful!” whined Chrisus sulkily.
“I will tell you about it tomorrow. When we get home, you go to bed!” replied Ekar.
“Oh, alright…” muttered Chrisus. The Elder safely walked home with Chrisus and they both slept. The next day Chrisus woke up and went to the Elder’s room.
“Good morning, sweetheart,” said the Elder, “Have a good day, make sure you get back home early because I need to talk to you about something serious.”
“Ok! See ya!” replied Chrisus cheerfully as she closed the door. The village had a very small population and they did all they could to keep the village alive. As Chrisus walked around the village many people greeted her with pleasure. Chrisus’ part time job in the village was to run a store for several hours. She did not really enjoy it too much but she liked looking at the things they sell. Several hours later she returned to the Elder.
“Welcome back my sweet Chrisus,” greeted the Elder kindly, “Now… about what I promised to tell you this morning…”
“Yeah?” replied Chrisus inquisitively.
“There was a legend my ancestors passed down about the dark and light universe.”
“Dark universe? Light universe? What have they got to do with that tree I saw?” asked Chrisus.
“The tree was a portal to the dark world” replied the Elder, “This world we live in is the light world, which was almost completely devastated by a creature that lives in the Earth’s core, even up to this day.”
“So that’s why the outside of this village was all dead and whatnot, huh?” replied Chrisus.
“This village was protected by the creator of the light world, Animaia, also known as Light Gaia,” explained the Elder, “The creature emits a deadly gas, Replia, created from the remains of dark beings.”
“Interesting … Well, can I look into that tree and see what the Dark world is like? It’s better than doing nothing in this village for another 15 years,” asked Chrisus.
“Well if you are so curious... you can go” replied the Elder, “But – you will not go without my assistance because I care about you very much and I cannot think of you dying at this age.”
“Yay!” cheered Chrisus.
“I will give you my old scythe, it is a useful weapon in case any danger comes,” replied the Elder as he handed over the scythe. Both of them went outside of the village.
“What about the other villagers? Shouldn’t we tell them?” asked Chrisus.
“Don’t worry, we will be back soon” replied the Elder. The two arrived at the green tree.
“The legends say that you need to touch the tree and close your eyes and you will enter the dark world” explained the Elder, “like this.”
The Elder softly put his hands on the tree and closed his eyes; suddenly, he was gone.
“Well, here goes nothing…” said Chrisus bewilderedly as she did the same thing as the Elder. The instant she opened her eyes she appeared in a forest that looked completely the opposite of what she saw a second ago.
“You are now in the Dark world,” explained the Elder.
“This place looks better than the Light world, like a lot better!” yelled Chrisus.
“It does not mean it’s safer…” replied the Elder.
Meanwhile, in a familiar yet different village…
An 18-year old boy named Narku lives in the village of the Dark world. He also knew magic and his guru made him realise some of his abilities.

“Yes master?” replied Narku.
“Your time has come.” Explained the guru, “The chosen one has arrived, who is called Chrisus and is chosen to pull the needle that cursed this world and the other world. You are a very strong man, and you need to assist her like a true gentleman.”
“Oh yes! I nearly forgot what you told me about it! But you haven’t taught me all your moves yet” replied Narku.
“You will learn your moves by experience, follow me, there is no time to waste”
Back at the forest Chrisus and the Elder went to the village the same way they would come back to their village in the Light world. They also found a very familiar looking village to theirs.
“Let’s look around this village for a bit” instructed the Elder to Chrisus
The guru stepped outside of his house with Narku, who was peculiarly motivated to see who his partner was. The guru pointed at Chrisus, who was strolling around the village with the Elder.
“She was the chosen one” said the guru as him and Narku stepped up to Chrisus and the Elder.
“Hey, who are you supposed to be?” yelled the Elder with grief.
“So she’s this Chrisus girl that I needed to assist?” asked Narku.                                   
“Indeed my fellow student Narku” replied the elder
“H-Hey! How do you know her name?” demanded the Elder in shock.
“My master told me it” replied Narku, “You supposed to be her guardian or something?”
“Yes I am, and we just wound up in this world” replied the Elder.
 “Who is that other guy who looks a lot like my guardian?” asked Chrisus.
“I am the guru or master of this boy who is called Narku. And you are the chosen one to pull a needle that was a curse set by Dark Gaia that curses the light world not to regenerate and every living being outside this village have turned into monsters” replied the guru.
“So that’s why everywhere outside the village is dead in the light world.” Replied the Elder, “And the legends passed by my ancestors never said Chrisus was the chosen one”
 “Well the legends of this world say that Chrisus is the chosen one.”
“I’m not going to allow Chrisus to go on any quest of this sort, it’s dangerous and she may be killed” replied the elder.

“Do you want to continue to live in the mess of the world you live in or not?” asked the Guru.
“Well… things are very peaceful there and I have been used to it my whole life”
“Believe me, there is a lot to your world than just one village”
“Hmmm I’ll see…. Chrisus are you sure you want to do something dangerous like this?” worried the Elder concern.
“Sure! Don’t worry Elder… I have this scythe with me if any danger comes.” Replied Chrisus cheerfully.
“And my student Narku who knows several magic powers” added the Guru.
“But what if Chrisus dies?” panicked the Elder “If she dies I have no idea what to do with my life”
“Don’t worry she will not die” replied the guru “She has enough power to deal with the harsh conditions and so does Narku”
“If she dies, I’ll deal with you. I may be old but I can pack a punch!” threatened the Elder like and angry champion boxer.
“Hm. Hm. I’d like to see you try” taunted the guru.
Chrisus and Narku set out north of the village. The outside of the village was very Spartan, it had barley anything in it other than grass and a few occasional trees, but the thing that was different about that place than the light world was that it was much more green.
“So… Who are you supposed to be and where did you come from?” asked Narku to Chrisus curiously.
“Me? Well I am a girl who was raised by that old man who was with me, he’s called Ekuar by the way.” replied Chrisus as she then explained to Narku how she ended up in the Dark world and the fact that she came from the Light world.

Several guraks (beetle-like monsters the size of suitcases) surrounded the two. They pounced at Narku like several rugby players talking their target.
“AHH!!” shrieked Narku as he struggled to get up.
Chrisus brandished her scythe at the guraks and stabbed them all. The guraks disintegrated, leaving some mysterious purple balls of energy.
“Thank you for saving us… heh heh…” thanked the purple balls as they levitated up like balloons.
“What are those?” asked Chrisus.
“It may have been those souls of the other people in this world who were cursed and sealed into monsters, well according to my guru” replied Narku.
“Makes sense. But did you even try to defend yourself back there? If I weren’t there you may have perished!” yelled Chrisus.
“Well… I didn’t expect them to come that suddenly, I’m sorry! I’ll try and be ready next time and use those skills my guru taught me” apologised Narku.
“Well anyway, I can see a very tall light above.” notified Chrisus to Narku, “We’ll follow that light”
“Where? Oh I see that! That’s the needle that my master told us about.”

The two continued walking towards the light through the countryside-like field until they reached a dead end on a cliff and lava was below them. They looked behind them and a horde of monsters like blazik (big floating eyeballs that shoot fire) and more guraks confronted them like a load of bullies. Narku held back his fists and they were being charged up by blue aura, he then constantly strikes with his arms shooting glowing energy ball projectiles at the enemies. The enemies got pummelled by the projectiles and most of them disintegrated into souls. The remaining ones were the blaziks.
 Chrisus spun around with her scythe and Narku shot ice magic at the scythe and Chrisus defeated the blaziks.

“The guru did teach you some pretty useful moves, eh?” explained Chrisus, “My Elder taught me the basic skills and I taught myself some neat tricks like the one I just did now”
“We make a pretty good team huh” praised Narku.
“I think so, but I have the feeling we need to learn a lot more” replied Chrisus.
 “Anyway I just saw a conveniently placed bridge over there” explained Chrisus as she pointed over to the solid rock bridge to the other island. Both walked to the bridge and crossed it. They saw as clear as crystal the big rough rocky mountain that had a sword-like needle nested on top. There was a vine from the bottom to the top of the mountain.
Being bewildered Narku asked Chrisus, “I’ve been noticing something, there always seems to be something on impossible to reach places that makes it then possible”
“Maybe it is a God helping us” assumed Chrisus, “Let’s climb it”
The two climbed the vine like monkeys climbing a tree, all the way to the top where the glowing needle was placed like a legendary sword on a pedestal. Chrisus put her hands on the needle and with all her force she pulled the needle out of the ground as it became brighter and brighter.

The light and the needle dissolved into thin air like water when it gets boiled. A blue seed-like creature floated down to Chrisus and Narku.
“Woah! Thanks for freeing me! Dark Gaia turned me into a needle which was meant to curse both worlds, he used me to sealed the power of growth in the light world and the people of the dark worlds’ normal forms” thanked the blue creature, “Name’s Aidi by the way”
“So now the people in the dark world will regain their forms and the light world will be regenerated?” asked Chrisus, “And I am Chrisus and the boy next to me is Narku”
“I am the messenger of Light Gaia” informed Aidi, “And I am supposed to help the chosen one and it is some girl named Chrisus which happens to be you.”
“That’s what my guru said about her! She was the chosen one!” replied Narku, “Well let’s get back home and tell my guru”
“I’ll be there whenever you need me!” informed Aidi as he disappeared. The two set off to go back home and on their way, there were no sign of monsters, instead there were friendly people that took their place. After 45 minutes of walking, they arrived to the town and the guru went up to Chrisus.
“Well done chosen one.” Congratulated the guru, “You did well and so did you Narku”
“Well can we go home now?” asked the elder.
“Not yet, well at least for another two years.” Replied the guru, “Pulling the needle fast forwards time for 200 light world years which takes two dark world years”
Chrisus and Ekar sunk to the ground like melting ice cream.
“Well at least I can entertain you Chrisus” flattered Narku as he offered Chrisus to go with him“and we can go out places and have fun”
“Yeah… I guess…” replied Chrisus, feeling uneasy as she blindly went along.
2 years (dark world) later.
“Ohh…” yawned Chrisus as she woke up and slumped out of bed like water spilling.
“Hm? What is it elder?”


Written by Hamza (Pixel Brownie Software)

*Ratchetwombax: my username before I changed to Pixel Brownie Software.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

The adventures of Ratchet and Sinro 5: The case of the mysterious person

Ratchet and Sinro 5: The case of the mysterious person

Chapter 1: The strange day out
On another peaceful Tuesday morning Sinro was sleeping in his comfy, wooden-frame bed. He was a ten-year old water dragon who was as tall as two suitcases with a handbag on top. He was woken up by the air horn in Ratchet’s room. Yes, it was that loud.
“Hey Ratchet! Y’mind turning the air-horn off? Oh wait, Ratchet told me he’s gone out with his friend” asked Sinro rising out of the bed, “It’s time to do something silly outside”. Sinro ran to the kitchen and made some honey on toast and ate it as he ran outside. As he was running he didn’t even bother to use the ladder and slid down the hill; he tumbled on the hill and landed on his face like an idiot.

“Don’t worry I’m fine” yelled Sinro as he quickly got up. Sinro ran to the beach as fast as a bolt of lightning. He wanted to rest at a nearby deck chair but he was too energetic for that
“I’m gonna go surfing instead. I don’t even need a surfboard!” yelled Sinro to himself as he ran like a true sportsman and magically summoned a wave to ‘surf on’. He was surfing for a long way, enjoying the nice sight of the crystal blue sky.
“It's nice out her-” Sinro stopped mid-sentence as a big green fish with menacing red eyes approached him, Sinro quickly jumped out of the way and dived. All the sudden Ratchet fell from the sky like a meteor and smacked the fish into the sea like a javelin hitting its target right on the spot. Ratchet was screaming like a meteor when it makes a loud sound, as he fell into the water.

“Ratchet!! NOOOO!” yelled Sinro as he was worried. Ratchet arose out of the water as he saw Sinro in shock.
“SINRO?!” asked Loki with a worried face,” What are you doing here? It’s not safe to go out in the sea!”
“Sorry I must have been going too extreme!” replied Sinro as he offered to ratchet a ride,”Hop on”
The two friends went back to the beach.
“We’re back home! YAY!” yelled Ratchet in a cheerful manner as that big fish came out of the blue (literally) like a bomb and ate Ratchet as well as make a big hole in the beach.
“I’ll save you Ratchet!” yelled Sinro as he jumped into the hole. He was falling like a metal ball being chucked from a cannon. Sinro yelled “I’m gonna save you!” as he fell. He landed into the dirty sewer water. Sinro was in the grey dank sewer.
“Really?” asked Sinro as he smelt the putrid air in the sewers, “Yuck! This smells! I’m not surprised if this is the smell of Ratchet’s peachy beef burgers he eats”
Sinro dived into the water, he swam further in hopes of finding Ratchet. Suddenly he saw.
“Oh no! Not you again” Sinro cried in horror as he saw the beast that he previously saw in the sea.

“I will kill you by DR.CRUELS ORDERS!” yelled the beast as Sinro quickly swam up, “HEY COME BACK OR I’LL EAT YOU NEXT”
Sinro gasped (even though he saw the fish clearly eat his best friend) “RATCHET IS IN YOU?!”
“DIE” the beast yelled as he charged towards Sinro. Sinro dodged.
“GRR! I MISSED” screeched the beast.
 Sinro quickly swung his tail and double smacked the beast in the face. The beast smacked Sinro very hard with its tail. Sinro was flung to the stone bricks ‘unconscious’.
“Hmm? Ow OW OWWWW!” screeched the beast in agony as it blew up and turned back into a fish, “Yay I am free!” the fish swam happily away.
Ratchet fell on to the same stone bricks as Sinro.
“Wow that wasn’t so hard was it?” smiled Ratchet as he was proud of getting out of the beast’s stomach. He immediately saw the collapsed Sinro, there was silence for a while.
“Get up. You didn’t faint”, moaned Ratchet impatiently. Sinro got up. A pale skinned teenager with spikey black hair appeared. He was Ratchet’s friend he spent time with while Sinro was asleep.

“Hi Ratchet and Sinro” said the person.
“Hanks? What are you doing here? I thought you were at your home!” asked Ratchet curiously thinking about that party he spent all night having with Hanks, like the ... beer... video games... potato chips ... etc.
“I was dungeon crawlin' as usual, fighting orcs!” replied Hanks as he yelled his catchphrase, “Beers and Swords united!”
“Do you know a way out of here?” asked Ratchet.
“Indeed! Come with me to my house both of you!” replied Hanks. He led the way out of the sewers. Later in a city...
“Nice of Hanks to get us out of here eh Sinro?” asked Ratchet.
“I hope he made lots of Broccoli” replied Sinro.
“I don’t think he did...” replied Ratchet.
“Sorry I’m hungry” replied Sinro.
“Let’s go home and eat!” replied Ratchet as he and Sinro ran out of the city.
A man appeared out of one of the buildings from behind as he saw a muscular pig person. He was Ratchet and Sinro’s enemy:
“General Pork sausage! I’m glad you’ve arrived after I called you!” he yelled.
“Of course! Oink! Oink! SQUEEALL! Wat do you expect? I'm a flippin’ general piggy!” snorted the pig.

“Listen up! Ratchet and Sinro have been messing up my plan!” yelled Dr.Cruel.
“Oink! Wait Ratchet and Sinro Are FREINDS. Oink! I thought our old master told us that there was a dragon and some kind of squirrel that would kill each other! SQQQUUEEEALLL!” yelled Sausage.
“Seriously, who is your old master?” asked Dr.Cruel.
“Oink! He travelled some other dimension SQUEAL! I have no idea where he is ... In a black hole?” replied Sausage.
“Oh ok! Let’s team up to defeat Ratchet and Sinro!” yelled Dr.Cruel with pride.
“Alright! Deal is a - Oink! Deal! I’m going to tell the other pig-men that they are the best and get their strongest mutants!” replied Sausage. A familiar tune could be heard.
“Oink! Oh my becoh (their way of saying bacon) sauce-er is waiting for me!” yelled Sausage.
“Can I come?” asked Dr.Cruel.
“Sure and we’re gonna have some nice pork chops and chips! Oink!” replied Sausage rubbing its fat stomach.
“HAHAHHAHAHAH- COUGH” coughed Dr.Cruel as he jumped on the plane.
“Seriously improve your laugh! Oink, Oink, SQQQQUUUUEEEALLLL!!” yelled Sausage giggling at Dr.Cruel’s laughter.
The saucer flew away into the clouds. In the saucer Dr.Carl was looking at the design of the pink-walled ship’s interior, which he was quite impressed by: the comfortable carpet floor, the smell of crispy, juicy bacon with the greasy sauce, the nicely-put operation system and the nice view of the clouds. One of the pig-men commented on how nice the bacon chips were. A pink rabbit-looking creature was driving the ship, there was a name tag on its back saying “Nark”.

“Dr.Cruel this is the becoh sauces- I mean saucer!” introduced Sausage feeling hungry.
“Hmm... Looks kinda nice, but less on the pink buddy” replied Dr.Cruel.
“It’s supposed to represent bacon” replied one of the pig men.
“Ok!” said Dr.Cruel.
“Hey... you look a bit like our old chief” asked another pig man.
“Who is he? Why are you bringing up your former masters?” asked Dr.Cruel.
“He was a cruel man who eats a lot of bananas and somehow disappeared” replied Sausage.
“Ok!” replied Dr.Carl uninterested.
“By the way the new king of the pig-men is,” said one of the pig-men as he showed the king’s name which is S****.
“Why is it censored?” asked Dr.Cruel.
“He is too powerful for some reason” replied Sausage.
“Oh ok” replied Dr.Cruel with somewhat more interest.

Chapter 2 the reveal of the mysterious person
Meanwhile not too far from a castle...
“Sinro?” asked Ratchet looking behind to see if Sinro was on track. Sinro was busy eating a tree.
“Sorry! I got distracted by that tree there” replied Sinro as he licked his lips and added “Man was that tree delicious.”
“Let’s get going before you eat any more trees” replied Ratchet trying to put on a smile. A pale brown haired girl ran past them.
“Who was that?” asked Ratchet shocked.
“I don’t know...” replied Sinro, “She must have been going somewhere.”
Sinro looked at the ground and saw a shiny gold object in the shape of the pendant.
“Wait I see something from the ground! It's a pendant!” yelled Sinro as he proceeded to pick it up, “She must have dropped it!”
“No time to loose let’s find her!” yelled Ratchet as he and Sinro scurried where that lady was. She was seen running into the castle’s interiors and the two followed her. The ship that Dr.Cruel was on arrived nearby. Within a second she was nowhere to be seen. Ratchet and Sinro walked around the dusty castle, they saw a picture which looked a lot like the girl they saw.

“This must be her home eh?” asked Sinro.
“Yeah.” Replied Ratchet as he saw a skeleton behind him. The skeleton had a purple ball of energy in his eyes; it certainly looked like it didn’t want the two of them alive. The skeleton threw a punch at Ratchet and he got hit. Sinro kicked the Skeleton in the back. The skeleton rattled its bones to call a nearby ghost that then chased Sinro.
“AHHHHH RATCHET IM SCARED OF GHOSTS!!” yelled Sinro as he accidentally ran into the skeleton and it became nothing more than a bunch of bones and a skull.
Ratchet breathed fire at the Ghost and it fizzed away.

“Tch... timewasters” sulked Ratchet, “They do nothing to advance this strange case...”
Ratchet and Sinro quickly ran upstairs as he saw the girl teleporting to the area they were at and ran into another room. Ratchet and Sinro ran after her. Ratchet entered the room first and a shot of lighting came at him which he dodged.
“H-hey who are you?” she asked. She was a woman who had long brown hair and pale skin and wore a white blouse with a purple vest over it with a skirt.
“I’m Ratchet” replied Ratchet as he remembered her, “Zelka?”
Memories were flooding back... He remembers going out with her at one point with Sinro, fought Dr.Cruel’s tanks with her and Ratchet having some feelings for her.
“Oh wait, you were the one I spent my childhood with!” replied Zelka, “And you helped me defeat Dr.Cruel’s tanks.”
“I remember too!” replied Sinro, “I was very young back then”
“That’s true” replied Ratchet as he asked Sinro for the pendant, “Well we came here to give you this... erm... princess!”
“Oh thank you! How could I ever repay you?” replied Zelka as she hugged Ratchet, “This is the pendant my mother gave me when I was young.”
“Well then just out of curiosity, w-why are you here” replied Ratchet as he blushed as he hugged her harder.

“Me? Well I’m just going here to see my past! It’s a nice castle no?” replied Zelka smiling at Ratchet, “It belongs to my family.”
“Shall we get going?” asked Ratchet as his heart beat even harder.
“Why not?” replied Zelka. The three exited the room and went to a nearby cafĂ©, then ate a nice meal. Meanwhile outside of the castle...
“My goodness... where are these two!?” asked Dr.Cruel as he walked around the castle, “Y’know I’ve been searching this place for an hour! I’m getting sick and tired of all this bad guy business, let’s wrap up and go somewhere – any suggestions”
“Sure” replied Sausage, “Why don’t we go to the bar? I know a great Spanish bar that sells great drinks! I’ll buy us a round of champagnes – heck, I’LL BUY YOU THE WHOLE DANG BAR!”
Both laughed and went back to the saucer and flew to a bar....

What? You think there would be more? You think Ratchet, Sinro and Okami would go on some epic adventure and stop Dr.Cruel?
Nah... Screw it... just slap an anti-climactic ending on the story.
I’ve got nothing for you I’m afraid.

Happy April fools 2018!

Fun facts:
  • I wrote this thing back in 2016 when Evermoral was still being written. I left it for nearly 2 years, and came back to it in early 2018 and finished it off.
  • A lot of this is based on an old scratch project of mine, (Sinro stories ep 1-5) which were ironically not nessacarily meant to be the 5th instalment to the Ratchet and Sinro series. They were dated from around 2013-4 (around the time I was working on the 4th book), they were basically just ideas which I decided to use at the time I started writing this. Sinro stories was merely a spin off series that I just decided to make for whatever reason.
  • I scraped off any ideas I could find (that existed before I canned Ratchet and Sinro), and just assembled them into this story. And yes I did intend a relationship with Ratchet and Zelka to happen as you can see in this story. Don’t take this as an official 5th story per say, just take it as me dumping all the ideas I had for the series’ possible future throughout 2012-4. But if you want to consider it as an official 5th story unironicaly, be my guest.
  • There were also planned characters (which were all scrapped) i.e. Bonzil who was an iguana who was intended to appear in the 3rd one and accompany R&S, Crunch, a robot who looks quite “Clank” from the game series “Ratchet and Clank” who was meant to appear alongside Bonzil (Crunch was referenced in the 2nd book), Orenix, who is a tall, slender, orange-like creature who was originally part of Dr.Cruel’s army but betrayed him (if memory serves correctly), Orenix was also a guy who could do magic.
  • One of the reasons I canned the Ratchet and Sinro series is because I didn’t know how it would end. Too many retconned scenarios as well.
  • I’m not going to make a full version of this story or let alone make a 6th instalment. Be happy with what you have.

That’s all from me!